Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Isaac Joel Torres Photography

Isaac Joel Torres was born and raised in Illinois. Studied Design and Illustration at Columbia College Chicago and worked as a freelance illustrator / designer for many years.
quote [Painting is my passion yet I decided to try a different tool to express myself & haven’t looked back ever since. I’m not even a real photographer some say. I’m just a colorblind painter with a camera...].

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Miss Miranda: Black and Gold

Miss Miranda shoots Paul Seville leather couture fetish-wear with the amazing Michel Dierickx. Featured in the 'Rebellion' issue of Relapse Magazine. It's a production by Anthony Ratcliffe Films a London based filmmaker specialising in fetish, fashion, cabaret and burlesque.

Have a look also at Miss Miranda - Fabulously Fetish LOOK 1 ...shooting stills with Anna Swiczeniuk for Fabulously Fetish's new website.

And Miss Miranda - Fabulously Fetish LOOK 3 "...fetish model and performer Miss Miranda models Fabulously Fetish footwear and corsetry".

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Genetic Portraits by Ulric Collette

Quebec based photographer Ulric Collette realized a photographic research work on genetic similarities between members of the same family. In Genetic Portraits he seamlessly blends the faces of two relatives to create one portrait.

Daniella Rech Photography

Amazing work (especially love the behind the scenes stuff) by Model turned Fashion Photographer Daniella Rech. See also the Tumblr.
(via Sex in Art)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fetish Models: Gabriella Medina

Gabriella Medina is a great fetish model. With a full tattoed body she has been popularized by London based Nathen S. Atia photographer. All the photos here... by Nathen S. Atia.
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tianmen cave: a Glass Sky Walk

quoted via Jared Miles [One of the main attractions of Tianmen Mountain is Tianmen cave, which is technically not a cave. Rather, it is a water-eroded hole in the cliff face, with the highest elevation of it's kind in the world. It can be seen in the image above. Tianmen Mountain is able to lay claim to the longest cableway in the world, spanning a distance of 7455 metres along, over a rise of 1300 kilometres. If the altitude wasn't enough to dissuade you, the adrenaline-junkies that likely run the development of the park have created The Walk of Faith, a journey consisting of several kilometres of glass walkways squared against the cliff face. Photos].
[Original article: The Glass Walkway on Tianmen Mountain]

Friday, July 19, 2013

Alexander Tikhomirov Presents...

Probably a master of the female form, russian photographer Alexander Tikhomirov is running an amazing Tumblr page!
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Extreme cast and prosthetic art

Shun aka sharkycast, it's an english (...disturbing) artist working with girls and women with artificial body, cast, severe trauma or prosthetic legs and arms.
He provides also the histories for several of his characters... like "The adventures of Bobbi and Suzi".
[More cast and body casting: Artist offers vagina molds - Medical Fetishism: Romain Slocombe - Gips Dreams: cast fetishism - Eben Lee Hall: Body Casting Art - Gips Dreams: cast fetishism]

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Scare Pranks - Top Ten

We got a lot of great scare pranks from our fans since last Halloween.
10 Spider Gag Causes Spill 00:06
9 Mom's Pantry Surprise 00:29
8 Closet Airhorn VS Angry Southpaw 01:12
7 Hot Girl Spider Prank on BF 01:37
6 Clown Dorm Room Ambush 02:22
5 Creepy Wake Up - Quiet Scare 02:43
4 Meal Worm Revenge on Hot Girl 03:13
3 Girl Gets BFF With Flawless Double Prank 04:40
2 Pig Mask Makes Guy Sing Soprano 05:48
1 Epic Spooky Doll Scare on Young Mother 06:42

Igor Legostayev Photography

Igor Legostayev, better known as LIVe13 is a great nude and erotic photrographer from Kharkov, Ukraine. On LiveJournal, ModelMayhem, Tumblr and Facebook
(via Erotica Curiosa)
[Thumbnail model: Sona]

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aurore Érotique

Aurore Érotique it's a NSFW tumblr space and a Flickr photostream (...you must login to see), featuring an amazing nude model and her daily porn adventures. Of coruse it's also a great adult photography project!