Saturday, November 30, 2013

Invisible Bicycles

Invisible Bicycles, not to be confused with the LOLcats image macro series Invisible Bike, is a photoshop meme that involves erasing the bicycle out of a photograph of a cyclist to make the subject appear as if he or she is floating above ground.
[Photos: Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindasy Lohan, Bill and Hillary Clinton (thumbnail) and Robert Downey Jr.]
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Julian Humphries Photography

Julian Humphries is am professional photographer based in Austin, Tx. Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr.
qyuote [In this day of mostly digital photography (which comprises the majority of my work), I’m proud that I also shoot with film and Polaroids.  If you are interested in a more traditional look, feel free to ask about those options].

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yannick Corboz Artwork

Yannick Corboz was born June 6, 1976 in Annecy. Graduated from the Emile Cohl school in 1999, he became an illustrator and animator in the video game industry (Infogrames / Atari and Ubisoft). He currently works as a freelance illustrator in Annecy.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


BENJAMEME ...The Work of Art in the Age of the Internet.
[Thumbnail: The Grumpy Cat]

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Andrew Lucas Updated

Beautiful artistic nude photography by Andrew Lucas, a photographer that came from Nikopol in Kiev, Ukraine. His website is regularly updated.
Also at,, and Livejournal.
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brittany Schall Hair Portraits

quote [Brittany Schall deals in her work ‘Hair Studies’ with identity, form, and experimenting with new mediums. In her portraits she forgoes the presentation of the models faces almost entirely, only concentraiting on the models hair. The visually reduced portraits ask the audience to discuss the essence of the person portrayed, despite the missing key elements, as a face for example].
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Celebrities as Monsters and the "Flashed Face Distortion Effect"

Watch this video while staring at the cross in the center, and you'll see celebrities become monsters right before your eyes.

This is an incredible optical illusion called Flashed Face Distortion Effect that was discovered by Sean Murphy an undergraduate student at the University of Queensland.

Here’s a brief intro from Matthew Thompson, this is part of a research project by Matthew Thompson which investigates how the brain compares and exaggerates the differences between two faces when they're briefly flashed up on screen alongside each other.
"Like many interesting scientific discoveries, this one was an accident. Sean Murphy, an undergraduate student, was working alone in the lab on a set of faces for one of his experiments. He aligned a set of faces at the eyes and started to skim through them. After a few seconds, he noticed that some of the faces began to appear highly deformed and grotesque. He looked at the especially ugly faces individually, but each of them appeared normal or even attractive. We called it the “Flashed Face Distortion Effect” and wanted to share it with the world, so we put it on YouTube".

"The effect seems to depend on processing each face in light of the others. By aligning the faces at the eyes and presenting them quickly, it becomes much easier to compare them, so the differences between the faces are more extreme. If someone has a large jaw, it looks almost ogre-like. If they have an especially large forehead, then it looks particularly bulbous".

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guido Argentini Updated

New photos, galleries and books @ Guido Argentini.
quote [Guido Argentini (1966, Florence/Italy) studied Medicine for three years at the university of Florence. At 23 he decided to turn his passion for photography into a profession and started to shoot fashion and beauty. Since 1990 he has lived in the USA, in Los Angeles].
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Early Madonna Nude 1977 for Auction

Vintage Madonna nude photos from the 1970s are up for auction. 36 Pictures of Early Madonna Nude, unpublished chrome circa 1977 taken by photographer Herman Kulkens and acquired by Bob Guccione. Madonna was 18 years old at the time these were shot. From the personal collection of Penthouse founder Bob Guccione.

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Although I still prefer the Madonna of 2013 (pics from her Instagram)

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